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Detailed Projects and Tutorials

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Tutorials: Real-Time Streaming

Real-time streaming tutorials:

Hyper-local Weather Dashboard

Let’s face it, we humans talk about the weather a lot ⛅️. This super-fun and easy project will leverage the Dark Sky weather API and a Raspberry Pi + Sense HAT to take your weather street cred to a whole new level. We are going to build our very own hyper-local weather dashboard, capturing the weather inside and outside our house over time.

Arduino Tian Weather Hub

Learn how to use a combination of Python, classic Arduino sketches, the Lucky Shield, and Weather Underground to turn your Arduino Tian into your very own weather hub.

Beer/Wine Fridge of Awesomeness

How do you take a perfectly good beer or wine fridge and make it awesome? A good start is to have your refrigerator tell you how many bottles are in it, when the door is open or closed, and the temperature inside your fridge. What is even better is to have that information available to you at all times on your laptop, tablet, and phone.

Weight Tracking, Text Messaging Scale w/ a Sense of Humor

Are you tired of staring at that stupid, soulless, bearer of bad news bathroom scale every morning? It is time to create a scale that is not only smart but has a bit more personality to brighten your day. We are going to build our very own hackable, weight tracking, text messaging bathroom scale that comes with a built-in sense of humor.

An Amazon Dash Silent Doorbell

Constantly looking out the window so that you can intercept visitors before they ring the doorbell? Tired of the dogs and baby going crazy anytime it rings? Don’t want to spend a fortune on a “smart” solution. Making a silent doorbell is as easy as hacking a $5 Amazon Dash Button! The only other thing you need is a computer that’s always at home – like, say, that Raspberry Pi you’ve got sitting around.

Building & Monitoring a Crypto Mining Farm

Learn how to build and monitor your own cryptocurrency mining farm in this detailed tutorial series. Learn how to source and assemble mining rigs, install software optimized for mining on the Ethereum blockchain, and monitor your farm using IoT concepts.

Visualize Your SmartThings Events

Easily create a SmartThings dashboard and event history visualization. The Initial State + SmartThings integrations gives you a simple, code-free way to see your SmartThings events in real-time.

Electric Imp Office Sensor Hub

Electric Imp a beautiful marriage between cloud and physical device that makes large scale IoT deployments very easy. The particular breakout board we’ll be going over how to use comes with temperature, humidity, pressure, and gyroscopic sensors built-in in addition to 4 Grove connector pins for even more plug-and-play sensors. With the ImpExplorer, we set up an entire office monitoring hub for $40.

Cellular & GPS Enabled Pi Zero: Fona + Pi 3

What if your Raspberry Pi 3 could access internet services from anywhere? What if your Fona Cellular GSM and GPS breakout had the brains of a full Linux computer behind it? What if you could access the Fona’s cellular capabilities and GPS data from a Raspberry Pi at the same time? Learn how …

Particle Electron: Cellular Portable Streaming GPS

In this project, we’ll go over how to setup your Particle Electron, attach a GPS module, and stream GPS data to a web-connected dashboard. For a mere $112 and about an hour, you can have a portable, streaming GPS that’s reliable, rechargeable, and reprogrammable over-the-air.

Know Who’s at the Office with the Raspberry Pi

Looking for an easy and useful project for that Pi you just have lying around? Setup a sensor-free presence detector to let you know when someone’s close enough to connect to the WiFi! Know who’s home and who’s not or when your favorite coworkers are at the office.

Create a System Health Dashboard for your Pi

Learn how to build and customize your own browser-based dashboard to monitor the health and performance of a web-connected Raspberry Pi.

How to Remotely Monitor Your Pi Processes

If you are using one or more Raspberry Pis to run a dedicated task, you need those processes to run uninterrupted. It’s impractical to manually babysit a bunch of Pis to make sure everything keeps running. A better way to ensure continuous operation is to be alerted when a process exits and be able to pull up a single dashboard at anytime to see the status of every important process running on every one of your deployed Pis.

Tutorial & Review: Enviro pHAT for Raspberry Pi

The Enviro pHAT from Pimoroni is an add-on board for Raspberry Pi with a set of sensors on-board to capture temperature, pressure, motion, light, and color. Learn how to use the Enviro pHAT to build a streaming sensor box and find out if it is worth the money.