Initial State 101:

Getting Started with Initial State

Quickly get up and running with your Initial State account. Learn the basics of how to stream data into your account, how to build a dashboard, transform data, set a trigger notification, share data, and more.

Build a Simple Dashboard Web Server

Do you want to create a beautiful, customized dashboard full of all your important data for display on a big television, small LCD, your laptop, or to share with your colleagues/boss at work? Maybe you want to wrap custom images, animations, or buttons around your dashboard. One way to accomplish this is by creating a custom web page and hosting it from an inexpensive device like a Raspberry Pi.

How to Stream Your Google Sheets Data to a Real-Time Dashboard

Spreadsheets excel at (see what I did there …) manipulating data in all kinds of crazy ways. However, they tend to be a rather boring tool for displaying / sharing KPIs and other key summary data. This tutorial will show you a simple, inexpensive way to create a beautiful, sharable, real-time updating dashboard from your Google Sheets data.