A simply awesome API

The Initial State streaming REST API gives you the ability to stream time series data from an unlimited # of devices/applications into your account, organized the way you want. With your private streaming access key and a simple HTTPS POST, your project can create a beautiful, secure, real-time updating dashboard.

Get started streaming with simple URL parameters or go straight to the Streaming API documentation to learn how to stream events via JSON.

Reading data from your Initial State account is just as easy. You just need your private access key and a simple HTTPS GET. Check out our easy-to-follow examples and Read API documentation.

Unlimited potential

Unlimited # of devices, unlimited # of data streams, plus unlimited # of dashboards give you the flexibility to create awesome data projects. Share your data privately or with the world.

SDKs and example tutorials

Learning to use the Initial State streaming REST API is easy. A set of SDKs for Python, NodeJS, and more are open-sourced and available for you to use. You can walk through one of several step-by-step tutorials to build real, practical, real-time streaming projects.

Codeless, Hosted Data Integrations

Codeless data integrations allow users to get data from APIs with just a few clicks. No more having to write code or set up a single-board computer to get the data you want. With integrations ranging from weather to crypto prices to gaming data and more, you can get more data with just a few clicks. Learn more about the Initial State Data Integration Marketplace.