A simply awesome API

The Initial State streaming REST API gives you the ability to stream time series data from an unlimited # of devices/applications into your account, organized the way you want. With your private streaming access key and a simple HTTPS POST, your project can create a beautiful, secure, real-time updating dashboard. API documentation

Multiple devices, one dashboard, no problem

Start, stop, restart, append to your dashboard from as many devices as you want, anywhere in the world. See the status, history, and information at-a-glance. It is all of your project's data, updating in real-time, in one secure place.

SDKs and example tutorials

Learning to use the Initial State streaming REST API is easy. A set of SDKs for Python, NodeJS, and more are open-sourced and available for you to use. You can walk through one of several step-by-step tutorials to build real, practical, real-time streaming projects.