Initial State Direct Connect

Securely connect your Tektronix Initial State Direct Connect compatible scopes (like the new 5-Series MSO) to your Initial State account in less than two minutes. Storing waveforms to your cloud-connected folder on your scope will automatically upload them to your account so you can access your data anytime, anywhere. Learn how to connect your scope.

Watch a quick demo of Initial State Direct Connect

Import files from your scope

Save waveform files from your Tektronix scopes in supported formats such as TSS, WFM, ISF, and CSV and import them into your account through your web browser. Any Tektronix scope that can save files in a supported format can work with Initial State. You can even go "unplugged" from the internet and still use your Initial State apps.

Securely work together

Keep all of your team's scope data securely stored in the cloud so everyone on your team can collobarate, document, and analyze complex problems efficiently, all within a web browser.