How to Monitor Something:

How to Use a Soil Moisture Sensor to Keep Your Plants Alive

Every good plant mom (or dad) knows there are two important things to keep your indoor plants alive: light and water. The balance of getting the right amount of these two things is like walking a tight rope. As the type of millennial who accidentally kills succulents on the regular, I needed to find a way to keep my plants alive.

How to Build a Raspberry Pi Refrigerator/Freezer Monitor

This tutorial will tell you exactly how to build a smart freezer thermometer — fully monitored reliable solution for temperature and humidity in a freezer or refrigerator at a cost of around 30 dollars. The system will also monitor the temperature sensor acquisition device in case it malfunctions.

How to Monitor Your Boat During the Winter Months

This is a DIY solution using a Raspberry Pi, some electronics, and Initial State to monitor your boat, so you can have all the data when you are on it and when it’s in the slip. You can monitor temperature, battery voltages, shore power, and bilge pump cycles. This remote monitoring solution allows you to monitor your boat from anywhere in the world.

How to Build a Crawl Space Humidity Monitor (BME280)

Nothing wreaks havoc on your crawl space like excess moisture problems. This tutorial will show you how to remotely monitor your crawl space humidity from your mobile device and/or laptop. This will allow you to not only see the current humidity level but also see the historical data over time without having to frequently go down there.

OwnBooth - WeWork Phone Booth Occupancy

Shared office spaces like conference rooms, microwaves, and even bathroom stalls can present resource contention problems that span from mild annoyance to downright messy. This project is a prototype IoT occupancy sensor that shows whether phone booths are available for use before trekking across the building.

Beer Brew with Cloud Monitoring

Watch your homebrew fermentation from anywhere and get a text when it’s ready using the Tilt Hydrometer, Raspberry Pi, and Initial State.

Beer/Wine Fridge of Awesomeness

How do you take a perfectly good beer or wine fridge and make it awesome? A good start is to have your refrigerator tell you how many bottles are in it, when the door is open or closed, and the temperature inside your fridge. What is even better is to have that information available to you at all times on your laptop, tablet, and phone.