Git Tech'd YouTube Series:

Git Tech'd Ep 1: Raspberry Pi Smart Scale

With the holidays on the way, it’s hard to keep track of all the pumpkin pie and fruit cake you eat, especially with those New Years resolutions lurking just around the corner. That’s why we’ve made a hackable, weight tracking, text messaging scale with a sense of humor. Now your Raspberry Pi can keep you in check as you pack on the holiday pounds.

Git Tech'd Ep 2: Arduino Light Up Sweater

Ugly sweater parties are a staple of the holidays. Each year you have to up your game and wear the best sweater you can find. But this year you can do one better and make the best sweater. We use Adafruit Wearables to create a beautiful lit up sweater that is sure to impress your friends and family.

Git Tech'd Ep 3: Amazon Dash Doorbell

Constantly looking out the window so that you can intercept visitors before they ring the doorbell? Tired of the dogs and baby going crazy anytime it rings? Don’t want to spend a fortune on a “smart” solution? Making a silent doorbell is as easy as hacking a $5 Amazon Dash Button! The only other thing you need is a computer that’s always at home - like, say, that Raspberry Pi you’ve got sitting around. Get text notifications anytime someone pushes your new doorbell and keep the whole house happy.

Git Tech'd Ep 4: Fitbit IFTTT Dashboard

Fitbit’s app is great for tracking your health data in real time. But what if you want to see your health data over time? With IFTTT and Initial State, you can create a dashboard that shows all of your historical Fitbit data, from the time of integration forward, in one dashboard. This is a great way to compare your health data over time. Now you can compare your overall activity from when you were training for that big race to when you were binging that new Netflix docuseries.

Git Tech'd Ep 5: Make a Weather Dashboard with Dark Sky API

Dark Sky specializes in weather forecasting and visualization. The really cool aspect of Dark Sky is that they have an API that we can use to retrieve the weather data (pretty much) any where in the world. Today we’re going to show you how to use the Dark Sky API to build weather dashboard!