Val Juhasz

Director, Engineer - Core Conservation Ltd.

I run a conservation company solving dampness problems in historic buildings by characterizing complex electro-chemical phenomena. After choosing the Keithley DAQ 6510 data logging system to acquire long-running high-accuracy measurements of temperature, humidity, pressure, voltage and current, I discovered Initial State. By combining these products, I can now stream my live research data securely into the cloud and analyze it anywhere.

Keithley Data Logger Integration

Initial State IoT data streaming service natively integrates with the Keithley 6510 DAQ/dataloggers and 6500 DMMs providing automatic streaming and logging with no coding required and no PC "in the middle".
  • Monitor and log data streams directly from the instrument, all in real-time and from anywhere.
  • Email & text alerts using triggers to based on measurement thresholds and other mathematical rules.
  • Access, visualize, archive, share, transform, and analyze current and historical data from anywhere – no install required.
  • Create dashboards for standardization, repeatability, and readability.
  • Overlay, time-dilate, and compare data sets across test runs.

Triggers & Email/Text Alerts

Configured using simple mathematical and logical expressions, Initial state will monitor the data as it is acquired. If a specified trigger occurs, you can choose to recieve text (SMS) alerts and/or email notifications. For example, you can get a text alert when your measurement crosses a critical threshold.

Create Anywhere-Accessible Monitoring Dashboards

When you have sets of measurements streaming to Initial State, create a unified dashboard to organize each new test execution. You can configure dashboards to display data using graphs, gauges, text, scalars, maps, and more. These dashboards make it easy to standardize visualization and quickly compare one test run against another.

Tutorials and Templates

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