Initial State + Keithley DMMs and Dataloggers

Real-Time Alerts

Configure automatic real-time texts and/or emails when data crosses a critical threshold.

Real-Time Streaming

Stream data directly from the instrument to a secure durable location.

Interactive Waveforms

Mine and transform your data with interactive, multi-row waveform viewers and mathematical expressions.

Interactive Dashboards

Build interactive, customizable, real-time dashboards / workspaces for your data.

Streaming, Monitoring & Logging to a Secure Repository

The Initial State SaaS streaming service is now configurable directly on the Keithley 6510 dataloggers and 6500 DMMs. Within Initial State, the data can be analyzed using various visualization tools, shared securely with team members, and organized for long-term safe keeping and recall. In addition, you can remotely monitor data in real-time on any device as it is being collected.

The browser-based visualization engine also allows you to compare measurements across captures and create derived signals and summaries from mathematical expressions operating on the incoming data - all in real time.

Email & Text Alerts in Real Time

As data arrives from the instrument, the Initial State triggering and alert system inspects the data for user-configured critical thresholds and other alarm conditions. Based on those conditions Inital State sends alerts via text (SMS) and/or email to any and all configured contacts. Inital State alarming goes beyond simple thresholds. You can also trigger on alerts of "increases by.." or "decreases by..." for instance.

Create Meaningful Dashboards

Using Tiles in Initial State, lay out a meaningful dashboard for your measurements and reuse that visualization across captures. You can configure the layout using gauges, lines charts, bar graphs, pie charts, histograms, and other visualizations.

You can also create new data signals out of mathematical and logical transformations. For example, convert temperature between C, F, and K - graph all or none, your choice. Average data. Combine data. Compare data. Once a dashboard is created, it can be easily reused with a new data capture, which drives compariblity, readibility, and standardization between measurements. You can even add an annotation and zoom directly to the custom note with a single click. In the end, dashboards are incredible tools for sharing and presenting - especially when they are live! Never screenshot again.

Automation Ready

All aspects of the Initial State + Keithley integration can be controlled through the instrument scripting language. This allows complex and sophisticated setups, scans, and other centralized control. Keep in mind, Initial State has a HTTP API as well. All the waveform visualization, triggering, and central repository concepts can be combined for use with multiple instruments and other data sources. Your subscription to Initial State via the Keithley integration also gives you access to this API and other IoT data aggregation capabilities built-in to the base platform.