A Few Fun Things We Created:

"Unsplash Background Promo" - With the release of Unsplash and custom dashboard background images, we put together a promo video showing off some cool dashboard designs. This video features an original (and awesome) music score written and produced by Jeff.

"The Like and Dislike Button" - In the spirit of Black Mirror, never before seen footage of our internal testing of the magical like/dislike button (*spoiler it doesn't end well for Elizabeth).

"Git Tech'd Anthem" - Elizabeth shows off her musical DIY skills with an original rap video.

"Git Tech'd Teaser" - We created a fun YouTube series where we show you how to build some awesome projects using circuits and software with our sense of humor sprinked in.

"Initial State Anthem" - In celebration of our 50th tutorial, we decided to take our street cred to a whole new level with an original song and video.

"In the Arms of Your Data" - A promo video on how you can help eradicate the world of ugly data by sending it to Initial State.

An intro video on how to create a hackable, weight-tracking, wise-cracking scale that has just as bad of a sense of humor as us.

An intro video on how to turn your ordinary beer fridge into the "Beer Fridge of the Future".

A fun intro video that previews a project to build your own super weather dashboard with a twist of Initial State humor thrown in.

A funny Initial State commercial where Jamie learns the art of sword fighting the hard way.

Did you ever wonder how much money you lose when you ship a product late because you are understaffed or management asks for the impossible on the current schedule? We made an online late-to-market calculator that you can use to calculate the cost of being late to market and a SlideShare to show you how it works. Check out the late-to-market calculator and use it to justify that new hire.

We wrote a Dr. Seuss inspired short story about how our devices produce so much data. This story won an Editor's Choice award at SlideShare.net.

We are a bunch of engineers and developers ourselves and wanted people to know what we really do all day. We put this SlideShare together to help with that.

We obviously are obsessed with data visualizations. This SlideShare gives you an overview as to why they are so powerful.

We did a little research to figure out how much money is spent in the United States every year debugging products. We made this infographic to show off our research (the valuations of the companies listed were the valuations back in 2014).