Integration Marketplace:
A New Way to Stream Data

Elizabeth Adams   |   Apr 7, 2020


Initial State has launched its newest feature, Integration Marketplace. The codeless data integrations allow users to get data from APIs with just a few clicks. No more having to write code or set up a single-board computer to get the data you want. With integrations ranging from weather to crypto prices to gaming data, you can get more data with just a few clicks.


Upon release, the marketplace includes five integrations you can easily set up. The CoinCap Cryptocurrency integration provides cryptocurrency volumes and prices. The Twitch integration streams Twitch channel statistics. The Weatherstack Weather integration provides current and forecasted weather information. The Tesla integration tracks battery and charge details, location, mileage, climate settings and more from your Tesla vehicle. The Bucket Watchdog integration monitors incoming data for an Initial State bucket so you can set different alerts like when a streaming device goes offline. You can create new dashboards with any of these or stream data into an already existing dashboard to add more context.

IoT Dashboard of Tesla Data

Tesla Data Dashboard Built on Initial State.

The Tesla integration is a one of a kind solution to monitor different aspects of your Tesla. You can keep track of your location, battery level, odometer, speed, and more. Not only can this information help you make smart decisions about when to charge your Tesla, the visual display makes it easy to absorb the information at a glance. When used with the Triggers feature, you can set a geofence Trigger to text your loved ones when you are close to home.

IoT Dashboard of Weatherstack Data

Weatherstack Data Dashboard Built on Initial State.

The Tesla and Weatherstack Weather integrations not only provide you with a dashboard full of data but you also get a preselected layout and background. This saves you time from having to optimize your dashboard Tiles yourself. Once the dashboard is initiated, you can easily change the background or Tile types to your own preference so those who enjoy the design process can still create the dashboard of their dreams.

The most anticipated integration might be the Initial State Bucket Watchdog integration. This was built based on customer feedback of needing a solution to monitor data buckets and notify when they are no longer receiving data. Bucket Watchdog allows for you to get the number of events sent to a specific data bucket in a customizable period of time. Triggers can then be set to alert you if the event count falls below a certain threshold. This will allow users to get things back up and running faster than ever.

Currently, each user is given 10 credits each month to use in the Integration Marketplace. The integrations can use anywhere from 1-10 credits to continuously operate. Most have options to run the integration more frequently (using more credits) and less frequently (using less credits). You can free up credits immediately by deactivating or removing a current integration. For now those 10 credits are the limit per user but there are future plans to allow for users to purchase more credits.

With these integrations you can reimagine the way you stream your data. The possibilities are endless and easier with the Initial State Integration Marketplace.

You can learn more about how to use the Integration Marketplace here.