Who We Are

Initial State is a data streaming and visualization platform. We make it easy for any fruit, from seedling to orchard, to send data from web-connected devices, sensors, and applications to a cloud where that data can be accessed anytime and instantly turned into something awesome - interactive real-time dashboards, charts, statistics, notifications, etc. We are focused on creating a juicy experience from the instant data is created until the moment data is consumed.

Initial State, based in Nashville, TN, was founded in 2012 and is a fruit basket. You can read what the press has to say about us here.

What We Built That Was Hard

Our technology stack was developed to deliver a consistent, secure, and fantastic experience for our users at large scale. RESTful APIs (accessed over HTTPS/TLS) provide a simple means for users to send and retrieve data to and from our high-performance, high-reliability back-end service (i.e. database, data store) in real-time. Our back-end service is both cost and performance optimized for time series data and automatically scales to handle huge bursts in either data ingestion or consumption around the planet.

A set of interactive, real-time data visualizations were built from the ground-up to provide a unique and powerful way to visualize data. Each visualization is accessible via a modern web browser. When paired with our high-performance back-end, users can stream data from their applications and have a near instant transformation of that data into dashboards, waveforms, charts, etc.

A Few Fun Things We Created

We have an entire page dedicated to some of the fun, quirky, and semi-useful things that we created on the side (e.g. videos, slideshares, tools). This page is just a small reminder that we don't take ourselves too seriously.

Our Team

  • Jamie looking confident in front of a brick wall Jamie Bailey CEO / Founder
  • David casually smiling David Sulpy Founder
  • One of the few pictures you will find of Mitchell on the internet Mitchell Parsons SW Development Lead
  • Adam daydreaming about something pleasant Adam Reeves Client App Lead
  • Jeff looking annoyed at having his picture taken Jeff Loucks Marketing Lead
  • Rachel-Chloe in warm lighting Rachel-Chloe Gregory SW Platform Engineer
  • Broc standing in front of a radioactive blue orb Broc Borntrager UI Design Lead
  • Kaylee's head in front of a big white wall Kaylee Cummings SW Platform Engineer
  • Rick on a beach, dreaming about how awesome work is Rick Kuhlman Product Manager
  • Elizabeth, really happy because she works with such awesome people every day Elizabeth Adams Product Manager
  • Thomas sitting proud about that code on his monitor that he totally ripped off from Stack Overflow Thomas Buida SW Platform Engineer
  • Michelle longing to be back at her laptop to code more awesome into Initial State Michelle Baldwin Product Owner
  • Vanessa happy and slightly rotated clockwise Vanessa Magalong QA Specialist
  • Could this be you? You? We Are Hiring!

Our Story

  1. Tektronix logo


    Initial State is acquired by Tektronix, the market leader in test and measurement solutions.

  2. Post-Seed Round Closes

    Initial State closes out its second round of funding, a $2M post-seed round.

  3. A screenshot of the a triggered text message

    Unlimited Triggers

    Initial State releases another industry first with unlimited SMS and email Triggers.

  4. Official Launch

    Initial State officially launches with a big industry first: unlimited data streaming and unlimited data retention from an unlimited number of devices in all paid accounts.

  5. A screenshot of the Tiles app

    Tiles Released

    Initial State releases Tiles, a dashboard built for both historical and real-time streaming data.

  6. The Seed Round Closes

    Initial State closes out its seed round, raising a total of $1M.

  7. The Internet of Things Focus

    Initial State opens up its data streaming API to Beta users. The release of the streaming service starts Initial State's transition to an Internet of Things company.

  8. Adding a file and verifying the data before uploading

    Beta Begins

    Initial State opens its log visualization-as-a-service platform to its first invited beta users.

  9. The Seed Round

    Initial State raises its first, partial round of funding, $570k toward a seed round led by a syndicate of angel investors.

  10. The Epiphany And The Pivot

    The realization that the future of debug is in the cloud prompts a business pivot. Work on building a log visualization-as-a-service platform begins.

  11. A Startup Incubator Graduate

    Initial State graduates from the Nashville Entrepreneur Center's Fall Startup Accelerator class as a company with a technology stack searching for the right market to go after.

  12. Watch the moment Initial State legally spins-out from Lexmark

    Initial State Is Born

    Initial State becomes the first ever technology spin-out from Lexmark with the goal of bringing the next generation of test & debug tools to market.